AST Conference Workshop

The workshop will begin with an overview of a year for one teacher's IB science course in its second year, from July to June and including the May exam. This overview will include key IB dates, IB feedback documents for teachers, testing students, assignments and activities, predicting grades, samples of teacher materials and student materials, a 2009 PSOW, exam review, sending work for moderation, and activities that occur after the May exams. This presentation should also be available online after the conference.

After the 20 minute presentation there will be a discussion time where the focus will first be supporting IB students in terms of teacher generated study guides, teacher or school websites, and other study material. Questions regarding internal assessment, Group 4 project, marking with the IB rubrics, seeing sample student work, and external essays are also welcome during this second part of the workshop.

Here is a PDF scan of the presentation and many of the materials handed out with the presentation.

If you have any questions or feedback you may email Alan at

IB Question Bank

"Create tests, exams, and teaching material in minutes" so says the cover of this CD and it is that simple. You first search for questions by type and or topic and the program will then allow you to select a variety of questions and print a test, or an assignment. It will also indicate the time allotted by the IB for each question and it will print a mark scheme as well. It is available for biology and a variety of other subjects. Link to store.

Lab Ideas For Biology

Design Labs

Data Collection and Processing

Conclusion and Evaluation




New physics material will soon be posted here as well as new lab report or IA marking and writing information from the IB.


Here is a link to an excellent website hosted by Fiona Clark, a PVEC teacher, who has a wealth of experience teaching science classes and IB courses. The site includes notes pages, links, chemistry webquests, and a variety of other resources for new and experienced teachers. The featured webquests would be a good way of finding additional IA hours outside of the lab for chemistry students and the activities look interesting and educational.

The screenshot above is from Savita Pall's website for IB chemistry.


ICT and IB Biology and IB Ecosystems and Societies

A link for general resources such as data logging and data processing is in the ICT box to the right. The data logging includes specific labs such as enzyme labs using T1 graphing calculator, lab pro interface, and a light probe.


The Arcytech link provides a simple predator-prey simulation with squirrels, hawks, and habitat. The simulation worked well as a review activity with Grade 10 pre-IB classes.

The Explore Learning site with simulations, or gizmos, for teachers can provide a year long set of simulations or you may use the trial period to complete a single activity. Several teachers at my school have used a variety of the simulations and found them to be useful.

The site biointeractive offers a list of resources some of which are simulations. These sites have not been tested.

Sending student work for moderation and IB marking

Submitting Student Work for Moderation

Sample Format 1

One folder containing all the lab instructions, written and verbal, for the labs sent for moderation. This includes the 4 PSOWs for each student and the Form 4 IA Cover Sheet from the IB.

One folder per student. Each folder contains the PSOW for the student and for each lab there is the teacher's marking sheet with marks and comments, the student lab with comments, and each appropriate section, such as Design, tabbed so that the moderator may quickly find the section.

As available.

Sample Teacher Feedback Forms and IB Final Mark Information

Teacher Feedback for Group 4

Student marks and moderation for IA, exam, and extended essays for Group 4
-Student IA teacher marks and moderated marks 2005 and 2006
-Full IB feedback for IA, exam, and extended essays 2006
-Predicted grades and full IB feedback for IA and exam 2007